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About Us

Our Story

Hutch Morzaria and the team at Content Is King Online (CiKO) have been involved with the internet and technology since the earliest days of the internet.

While initially using his copywriting skills to share stories about work challenges and his own personal interests, Hutch quickly realized there was a demand for his skills.

Over time he has helped build and launch websites for beauty products, gaming companies, software sites, and telecommunications organizations, to name just a few.

While the industries are very different, over time, Hutch realized a common theme.

Customers want meaningful information when they search. They don’t want to waste time with fluff and articles stuffed full of keywords. They are looking for a solution to a problem.

Solving the real problem

As a customer experience professional, Hutch understood the value of solving the underlying problems and not just looking at the symptoms. His goal was to build a team of like-minded individuals, which is when the idea for CiKO came to life. 

Teaming up with several other interested parties, he launched Content Is King Online with a focus on genuinely helping the online community.

This small but dedicated team truly understands the value of customers and customer service. Willing to go that extra mile, they help create websites, provide blog content, and much more!